Package net.infonode.docking.drop

Drop filter classes for docking windows.


Interface Summary
DropFilter Interface for filtering drops when a drag and drop is in progress.

Class Summary
AcceptAllDropFilter A DropFilter that will accept drop of any window.
ChildDropInfo Information about an ongoing child drop i.e. when a child window of the drop window is asked if it accepts the drop.
DropFilterProperty A property that has a DropFilter object as value.
DropInfo Super class for all drop infos A drop info is passed on to a DropFilter when a drag and drop operation is in progress.
InsertTabDropInfo Information about an insert tab drop.
InteriorDropInfo Information about a drop into a window.
RejectAllDropFilter A DropFilter that will reject drop of any window.
SplitDropInfo Information about an ongoing split drop i.e. a drop that would result in a split of the drop window.

Package net.infonode.docking.drop Description

Drop filter classes for docking windows.