Class InteriorDropInfo

  extended by net.infonode.docking.drop.DropInfo
      extended by net.infonode.docking.drop.InteriorDropInfo

public class InteriorDropInfo
extends DropInfo

Information about a drop into a window.

This drop type is performed on a RootWindow or a FloatingWindow when they don't have any top-level windows i.e. they appear empty. It is also perfomed on a SplitWindow when the drop will result in a replace of the split window with a tab window containing the left window, right window and the window that was dropped.

IDW 1.4.0
$Revision: 1.4 $
$Author: jesper $

Constructor Summary
InteriorDropInfo(DockingWindow window, DockingWindow dropWindow, java.awt.Point point)
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public InteriorDropInfo(DockingWindow window,
                        DockingWindow dropWindow,
                        java.awt.Point point)