Interface DropFilter

All Known Implementing Classes:
AcceptAllDropFilter, RejectAllDropFilter

public interface DropFilter

Interface for filtering drops when a drag and drop is in progress.

There are 4 kinds of drop types, see SplitDropInfo, ChildDropInfo, InteriorDropInfo and InsertTabDropInfo.

A drop filter is used to filter drops. The filter may decide if a drop of a window into another window is to be accepted or not. This makes it possible to tailor the drop behavior of a DockingWindow. The window (called drop window) into which another window is beeing dropped is asked if it will accept a drop of that window. The filter is asked continuously during a drag operation i.e. it may be asked many times during a drag operation.

IDW 1.4.0
$Revision: 1.4 $
$Author: jesper $

Method Summary
 boolean acceptDrop(DropInfo dropInfo)
          Return true if the drop should be accepted, otherwise false.

Method Detail


boolean acceptDrop(DropInfo dropInfo)
Return true if the drop should be accepted, otherwise false.

dropInfo - information about the current drop
true if drop is to be accepted, otherwise false