Package net.infonode.docking

Core classes for the docking windows framework.


Interface Summary
DockingWindowListener A listener for DockingWindow events.
ViewSerializer Reads and writes the state of a view.
WindowPopupMenuFactory Creates a popup menu for a docking window.

Class Summary
AbstractTabWindow Abstract base class for windows containing a tabbed panel.
DefaultButtonFactories Contains the default window button factories used in window tabs and TabWindow's.
DockingWindow This is the base class for all types of docking windows.
DockingWindowAdapter Adapter class which implements the DockingWindowListener methods with empty bodies.
DockingWindowsReleaseInfo InfoNode Docking Windows release information.
FloatingWindow A window that is floating on-top of the root window and containing another docking window.
RootWindow The root window is a top level container for docking windows.
SplitWindow A window with a split pane that contains two child windows.
TabWindow A docking window containing a tabbed panel.
TabWindowHoverAction TabWindowHoverAction is a hover action that makes it easy to change properties for a tab window and the title bar in the view.
View A view is a docking window containing a component.
WindowBar A window bar is located at the edge of a root window.
WindowTabState The states that a window tab can be in.

Exception Summary
OperationAbortedException Exception thrown when an operation is aborted.

Package net.infonode.docking Description

Core classes for the docking windows framework.